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The best Galaxy S23 Ultra cases to keep your investment safe Moible Folder

The best Galaxy S23 Ultra cases 2023: top protection for the S23 Ultra | TechRadar

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the cream of the crop among smartphones, especially among the best camera phones you can buy. It's also, unsurprisingly, one of the most expensive phones that you'll find. Say goodbye to that sleek design, because you're going to want to keep that big machine in a case as long as you own it, if you're not a gambler. 

That's why we recommend cases that complement the Galaxy S23 Ultra without forcing you to forget which phone you've bought. We suggest cases that work with the unique S Pen design, and protect the big camera array around back. 

Some of our cases have built-in magnets that help them work with wireless charging accessories usually found in the Apple MagSafe aisle of your electronics store. All of these cases can take a tumble, but some can withstand a drop from the roof of a two-story building. 

We also chose some cases that let you show off the look of your new Ultra phone. We've got colors that match the natural hues Samsung chose for its launch devices. We've also got cases that let you see through and enhance the look of your phone. 

Whatever you need, we've got the case for you, and we keep the list simple so you won't have to look too far. Check out all of these great Galaxy S23 Ultra cases below. 

We haven't had all of these Galaxy S23 Ultra cases in our test labs yet, but based on our expert opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections take into account our own research, plus online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, and unique features to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

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While Apple makes some of the nicest and most expensive cases for its own iPhone devices, Samsung cases are more of a mixed bag. They aren't the most premium or highest quality, but sometimes they do add functions that other cases can't match. For example, the phone has a special hidden window baked in for the Smart View (S-View) cases that Samsung offers. 

When you slap on a Samsung S-View Wallet and close the door, a magnetic sensor in the phone tells it that you are using an S-View case and you get a special little clock face that shows you notifications and other basic features. 

It's sort of like the Cover Display on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, only much less useful, and you only get it with the Samsung S-View cases. At least they aren't too expensive, and this wallet is one of the cheaper cases on our list. 

Mous has been making some nice cases for a while, and we were surprised to find its newest Galaxy S23 Ultra Clarity case includes MagSafe magnets. That means it has magnets built into the case that line it up with MagSafe chargers and magnetic mounts. That's a nice feature we don't usually see on Samsung Galaxy phones. 

That's because MagSafe is an Apple product, so you'll need to be sure that the chargers to which you're attaching are compatible with Qi wireless charging, the universal standard that Galaxy uses. This case should work great for all sorts of positioning mounts as well. 

We also like the eyelet to loop a wrist strap into this case, as that's a great way to keep your phone secure, especially if you shoot a lot of photos. We picked this iridescent color as our favorite, but even the clear case should last in the sun without turning yellow. 

Casetify has proven itself in terms of both durability and style, and among case makers, it's done the best to blend the two. Of course, you pay a high price for having such a gorgeous case that can take a tumble, but the unique designs and incredible durability may be worth the high cost. 

Casetify says its cases meet the MIL-STD 810 tests for durability four times over, whatever that means. They claim it can take a fall from 8.2 feet, which is way over our heads but still not the best impact protection you'll find on this list. 

We picked a case in Wild Squill Flowers to match the earth tones of the Galaxy S23 lineup, but there are dozens of designs available directly from Casetify. You'll pay for what you get, as this is the most expensive case on this list. 

If you need something a bit stronger, but still want a lightweight case that has a bit of style, check out the Urban Armor Gear Metropolis LT Pro 2. We like this case in the Kevlar option, which gives it a cool fabric look while maintaining that incredible durability. 

UAG says this case can take a drop from 18 feet, which makes it one of the top two most protective cases on our list. It also has magnets built in, so it should work with magnetic charging accessories similar to MagSafe, as well as magnetic positioning mounts. 

The Zagg Everest with kickstand case is the most durable case on the list by about two feet. Zagg says it can take a drop from 20 feet high, which is nearly a two-story building. If you plan on falling off a ladder onto your phone, you should plan better, but you should also carry this case. 

The Everest case also comes with a kickstand, which we don't see as often as we'd like. For such a big screen, the Galaxy S23 Ultra deserves a kickstand case, and the Everest delivers durabilty and features at a reasonable price, less than we'd expect for a case that can take such a beating. 

The Zagg Everest doesn't have magnets inside, but you can still charge your phone wirelessly through it. Zagg also claims that 50% of the plastics have been recycled. 

Otterbox makes cases that range from thin Commuter designs that are durable and a bit boring to extreme waterproof shells. The Defender series is not only rugged, Otterbox has landed on a stylish look and color selection for these cases. We especially love the Blue Suede Shoes colorway we've highlighted above. 

The Defender series is tough, and it requires a bit more fuss than most cases. You get multiple layers of shock protection, and each one is a different piece to fit atop your phone. That adds bulk, but it's worth the protection, and Otterbox keeps things stylish. 

If you'd like a bit less thickness, check out other Otterbox options. We think the Galaxy S23 Ultra deserves the protection and style of the big Defender. 

We found these cases from Cover-Up and thought they were too cool to keep quiet. Cover-Up uses shells and natural materials throughout its cases. That means each case is completely unique in design, and the designs are colorful and spectacular. These are certainly eye-catching cases. 

They also aren't expensive, and the Cover-Up cases somehow end up the most affordable cases on this list. They don't make many claims about durability, so you'll want to use a screen protector, or maybe more advanced protection if you need a case for more rugged tasks. 

if you're looking for a stylish, natural option that complements the earth tone hues of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and looks premium without costing too much, check out all of the different marine options Cover-Up is showcasing. 

It's impossible to choose a single best Galaxy S23 Ultra case, as everyone has different needs and tastes, but any of the options above should do a good job of keeping it safe.

Protection is key, of course, so look for things like military drop test standards, and other concrete information on this. Beyond that, consider how bulky you're okay with a case being - more protection tends to mean more bulk. You'll also want something that you like the look of, or if you want to show your phone off then maybe something transparent.

While you're waiting for your new phone and your fancy new case to arrive, you can check out our early hands-on Galaxy S23 Ultra review 

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The best Galaxy S23 Ultra cases 2023: top protection for the S23 Ultra | TechRadar

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